The wreath combines the symbolism of eternity and never ending love.  This twig surround houses  massed flowers in groups for dramatic effect.  Flowers included: Roses, Celosia and Zinnia. Limited availability for Zinnia and Celosia during november to April means they may substituted with Carantion, Hydrangea, Gerbera, Dahlia. Rose meaning: Love and in particular Orange - Fascination, enthusiam. Zinnia meaning: Thoughts of absent friends. Dahlia meaning: Forever thine. Carnation meaning devotion. Gerbera presence means: you make everything more beautiful!. Hydrangea meaning: Thank you for understanding. Flowers nestle softly on lush  foliage encased in willow and twig surround. 

Choose a rose colour that has special significance. Red - I love you, romance and love. Dark Red - Unconcious beauty, White - Innocence and purity. Red and white combined - Unity. Red rosebud - Purity and loveliness. White rosebud - Youth, innocence, purity. Pink - Happiness and thankfulness. Dark pink - Gratitude. Yellow - Friendship and gladness. Orange - Fascination, enthusiam. Peach - appreciation, sincerity. Lilac - Enchantment.L

Timescales for order

1) For any funeral tribute, orders must be placed before 10.00 am Monday to Friday 48 hours prior to delivery time required.

2) For all other orders for next day delivery, orders must be placed before 10.00 am Monday to Friday prior to the day of delivery.

3) No deliveries available on Sundays

Once you have submitted your order you will receive a submission email, your confirmation email will follow shortly.

Your design will be beautifully made up and the message card hand written and  attached. then delivered to your chosen address.  We will always endeavour to send you a text message once this has been done for your peace of mind that the flowers have safely arrived. 



WRT10 Willow Style Wreath 14" /36 cm shown in image