Dragonfly our story

Hi my name is Alison

Our journey began with my love of flowers; their beauty, their meanings and quite simply the way they can make a person feel. For me, it wasn't enough for people to just see flowers; I wanted to inspire people on how wonderful flowers can truly be. 


So that's exactly what I decided to do. I provide people with wonderfully unique bouquets, flowers for weddings and events creating the atmosphere using beautiful floral designs at your venue, setting the scene and making it an event that people will remember.


I am using flower power to provide engaging and educational workshops and demonstrations which can be tailored to any subject so you too can truly connect and communicate through flowers. I combine this with my experience in health and social care and learning to provide unique solutions for engagement to individuals, schools and groups.  I want to inspire and teach people about the art, meaning, myths and symbolism of flowers.   


My mission, when I set up, was to create, inspire and educate through the beauty of my flowers and that's what it will continue to be - always.

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