Our Floral Demonstrators show flair artistry and interesting elements of flower diplays to delight audiences of all sizes. 

Using a wide variety of titles for demonstrations, many of them non-specific in words, but thought provoking for audiences and leaving space for flexibility of designs often influenced by nature, the time of the year or a bright new idea. Exhibits carried out on stage range from classical to contemporary and demonstrations usually include a wide variety of designs.

Demonstrators can often tailor their a demonstration for special events such as Club Anniversaries, Celebrations, Christmas and many others and can adapt the size of their demonstration from the village hall for club meetings to the civic hall for large events.

Audiences can enjoy a live performance combining art, horticulture and theatre and, if lucky, leave with one of the displays won in the raffle.

Please contact us for minimum maximum group size.


In the spirit of education for our community groups – I provide unique educational solutions and engagement for a wide range of individuals, community groups and schools. Having previous experience in assessing and learning, health & social care, mental health awareness, understanding health improvement and floral qualifications, I am keen to provide tailored floral workshops with an engaging learning experience for all.

We can improve education and skills; improve health and well-being and bring learning to life for adults, children and local groups by linking learning outcomes, community initiatives and expectations through working with flowers.  Incredibly flexible all workshops can be adapted to suit your needs, please get in touch for more information.

“Flowers are meaningful and working with flowers can evoke happiness in a lot of people.”

For our children and young people

Pride in the finished product to take home is matched with the satisfaction of seeing learning taking place by counting petals to making designs and linking learning outcomes and curriculum expectations to the practical activity of flower arranging.  Fun, engaging and educational workshops.


 “Flowers can be really therapeutic and the accomplishment you get out of creating something beautiful can be very rewarding.”


Fun with Flowers

With a great engaging and learning  experience flowers offer activities that can be taught in series, as part of a wider theme, or as a 'one off experience or special event' for adults and children.”

Please contact us for minimum maximum group size.

Fun floristry workshops